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Histon and Impington

Park Primary School

Visitors from Chivers!

Although it is no longer called 'Chivers' the children in Year 1 were very lucky to have visitors this week from the Jam Factory in Histon. We learnt about the History of the factory and what they now made. The staff that joined us all worked for the 'New Product development team' which meant they invented new products, flavours and packaging!!!

  All the children were given the opportunity to interact whilst being shown a PPT about the making of jam including equipment and machinery and how it has changed over the years. Children noticed the differences in the sizes of the pans and other machinery.


All the children were then divided into three groups and each had an assigned adult visitor. The adult talked about each product asking questions about the taste, texture, colour and smell. The children talked about the differences between types of jam, jelly and marmalade and encouraged to ask questions. The children had the opportunity to show some of their fantastic expressive language to describe the products e.g slimy, wobbly, sweet, bitter  and asked excellent questions e.g ‘ What’s your favourite ingredient?’ ‘What makes the jelly wobble?’ ‘ What happens to the fruit when you make jelly?’

All the children loved having the visitors in and especially enjoyed the tasting!!

Thank you to Timothy's Mum for organising the visit.

See below for photographs of Class 8 engaged in trying out the different products.


The children will be making their own jam later this year as part of a cross-curricular activity with DT.