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Histon and Impington

Park Primary School


At Histon and Impington Park Primary School, we value children’s creativity, and this is reflected in our carefully designed art curriculum, which is ambitious, broad, rich, contemporary and diverse. Our curriculum aims to enable children to reach their creative potential. We place an emphasis on encouraging exploratory journeys through the units of learning, working towards varied and individual outcomes.

Through carefully structured lessons, our children embark on a creative journey where they explore the work of a varied range of artists, skills, mediums, and styles. We believe in fostering an environment where each child's unique voice can find expression, encouraging them to discover the artist within. This approach not only nurtures their artistic abilities but also instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment, which we believe can also permeate other areas of the curriculum. Our aim is for the children at Histon and Impington Park Primary to leave at the end of their journey having found an area of art that they enjoy, are confident with, and that is relevant and engaging to them. This may be any area, including drawing, making, designing, or talking about art.

Beyond the tangible skills acquired, our children are given opportunities to develop a profound understanding of art and design's historical significance. They delve into the rich tapestry of artistic movements, exploring how art has shaped our history and played a pivotal role in contributing to the culture, creativity, and wealth of our nation.

We believe that artistic expression enhances cognitive development, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By integrating art across various disciplines, we aim to create an environment where creativity becomes a natural part of the learning process.

We value art not just as a standalone subject but as a transformative force that enriches our children's overall educational experience, develops confidence and supports children in becoming more resilient and engaged learners. Our commitment is to inspire a lifelong love for the arts, fostering a generation that not only appreciates the value of creativity but also understands its broader impact on personal development and societal progress.