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Histon and Impington

Park Primary School

Democracy in Action!

Children in Year 1  learnt a little bit more about the process of 'democracy' on the day of our general election. We found out about what a prime minister does, who votes for them, what an M.P is and where the Prime Minister lives. 

We learnt the following words and phrases and their meanings:

candidate - a person who hopes to be elected

manifesto – the plan and promises of a political party, that is shared with everyone

polling card – a card that shows you are allowed to vote

polling station – the place where you can vote

postal vote – if you register for a postal vote, you don’t have to go to the polling station

ballot paper – the paper you use to cast your vote


We also got to use a Polling Station to vote for which film we would like to watch at the end of term as a treat. Real democracy in action!


Lots of us wanted to know what our friends had voted for but we talked about why the ballot is secret. Some of us found it hard not to try and persuade our friends to choose the same film as us but we talked about why that wasn't fair!!